Material Matters

Material Matters: Water, Pigment, and Light

 Van Avery/ Smith Galleries                                                                                        Visual Arts Center Davidson College                                                                            315 N Main St, Davidson, North Carolina 28036

Material Matters: Water, Pigment, and Light, features works from 8 artists from across the US: Nancy Baker, Matthew Brandt, Chris Duncan, Selena Kimball, Lavar Munroe, Liz Nielsen, and Shoshanna Weinberger in the Van Every Gallery, and William Córdova in the Smith Gallery.

August 29th through October 7, 2016

Anette Frontek + Selena Kimball

"Perfect Day"

Rotlintstrasse 98, Frankfurt

June 25th though September 3rd, 2016

Review in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Visiting Researcher at the University of Gothenburg

Alyssa Grossman and I are beginning a new long-term collaborative project working with (and re-working) the collections at the Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

SOLO BOOTH at VOLTA NY/ March 2-7 2016


Wolfstaedter Gallery, Booth F05

Pier 90, West 50th Street at 12th Avenue, NYC

Exquisite Corpse

55 West 28th St.  NYC 10001

Richard Dupont, Carol Bove, Enoc Perez, Greg Foley, Will Cotton, Nathan Fox, Jamisen Ogg, Ryan Fenchel, Caleb Lyons,Victoria Haven, Dawn Cerny, Daft Kuntz, Ian Cooper, Libby Rothfeld, Paula Rondon, NahoTaruishi,Tatiana Istomina, Arturs Virtmanis, Robert Medvedz,Teresa Lui, Adam Raymont, Martha Lewis, Melissa Marks, Eva Mantell, ChuckWebster, James Siena, B.Wurtz, Alex Dodge, Glen Baldridge, Louise Sheldon, Martin Mazorra, Jenny Schmid, Damara Kaminecki, Ellen Driscoll, Selena Kimball, Stephanie Snider, Katherine Bradford, John Mitchell, CarolineWells Chandler, SuttonBeresCuller

January 8 though February 16, 2016

Night Vision at Morgan Lehman Gallery

Selena Kimball/ Night Vision

535 W 22nd Street NYC 10011

September 10 though October 17, 2015

Jerome Foundation 2015 Study and Travel Grant

Thanks to the Jerome Foundation

Solo Show at Wolfstaedter Gallery

Florilegium Opening: March 13
“Florilegium” in Latin literally means “a gathering of flowers”. In medieval practice, it referred both to a compilation of exotic plant drawings, and to a personal collection of cut-and-paste parts of a text that held personal interest and required further reflection. This exhibition addresses both meanings in its reworking of herbarium specimens collected in the borderlands between Tibet and China by the American Joseph F. Rock in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

March 13 though May 2, 2015

Article by Anne Doran in Tricycle Spring 2015

"The first piece of yours I ever encountered, in 2011, was an enormous, irregular, mostly white field of glued-together scraps of glossy paper, in the middle of which fragments of black-and-white photographs formed a kind of scribble. It knocked me out with its scale, its sheen, its tactility, its calligraphic qualities, and most of all, its mysteriousness--what was it?"

link to article here

2015 Pollock-Krasner Award Recipient

(Thank you, Lee Krasner)

Museum Het Valkhof

Museum Het Valkhof 

Presentation and screening of Memory Objects, Memory Dialogues (2011), co-directed by Alyssa Grossman and Selena Kimball, a 26-minute split-screen animated ethnographic film that explores the complex nature of memory in post-communist Romania.

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014, 5-7 PM: Conference Opening Reception

Bates Museum of Art

Bates Museum of Art 
Lewiston, Maine

"Remix" co-curated by Founder & Artistic Director Pavel Zoubok and Director Rachael Lawe features selections from the International Collage Center's permanent collection and loans from prominent artists and collectors. 

January 24 though March 23, 2014

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