“Florilegium” in Latin literally means “a gathering of flowers”. In medieval practice, it referred both to a personal compilation of cut-and-paste parts of a text that held personal interest and required further reflection, and a compilation of exotic plant drawings. This series addresses both meanings; it is a collaged approach to the “exotic” plants collected by Joseph F. Rock in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Funded by both National Geographic and the Harvard Arboretum, Joseph Rock took photographs of the region of Kham and sent back seeds and specimens from this geographically unique area. These rare flowers and plants were propagated for their beauty and became garden varieties in the US and Europe. This work, exhibited at Wolfstaedter Gallery in March of 2015, features a color spectrum made from contemporary landscape and gardening publications published in the US and contrasts these with reconfigured black-and-white plants that were part of Rock’s original trove of specimens, now kept in the Harvard Arboretum’s herbarium.